A Tradition of Learning and Hospitality

Our rich history begins on April 11, 1958, when the Wisconsin Center for Adult Education was dedicated as a “roof over the Wisconsin Idea.” Operated by UW-Madison, our conference and lodging spaces fulfill our  mission to provide an international community of lifelong learners with access to University of Wisconsin resources.

Pyle and Lowell Centers have earned a stellar reputation for first-rate meeting and lodging facilities, event planning and registration services, distance communication technologies, as well as wonderful catering. Now internationally renowned for comfort, convenience, and service to our customers, we have hosted tens of thousands of continuing education and professional development programs and events, ranging from hour long meetings to weeklong multisite conferences.



In April 11, 1958, the Wisconsin Center for Adult Education was dedicated as a “roof over the Wisconsin Idea.” The Wisconsin Center, along with the Friedrick and Lowell Centers, formed the basis of UW-Extension Conference Centers for many years. In 1998, the Wisconsin Center was modernized and greatly expanded to be rededicated as Pyle Center.


Here at Pyle and Lowell Centers, we believe in the importance of our environment, and have a number of ongoing initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. Lowell and Pyle Centers both proudly participate in a composting effort and we use compostable disposable napkins and cups. In addition we are constantly finding ways to conserve energy and water as we update our facilities. In partnership with FH King students for Sustainable Agriculture, Pyle Center’s rooftop is home to flowering and edible gardens as well.