Conference Details

Poster Guidelines

There will be two ASV-12 Poster Sessions in Monona Terrace, level 1 Exhibit Hall B

Session 1 is Sunday, July 22, 4-6 pm

Session 2 is Monday, July 23, 4-6 pm

Posters may be no larger than 4' x 4' foot (1.2 x 1.2 meters). 2 posters will be sharing each side of an 8' long poster board.

The Program Book will list poster sessions, poster numbers within each session, authors and titles so that attendees can easily find specific posters. The Program Book will also tell you when to put up your poster, exactly where to put it and when to remove it. Poster numbers will be attached to poster boards in advance.

Push pins for attaching posters to boards will be available on-site.

See photo below for example of 2 side-by side posters:

Poster side by side example