Conference Details



"Keynote and Symposium Lectures"


What: The annual ASV meeting Keynote and morning Symposium topics and speakers are selected each year by the Society’s President, Executive Committee, and Council members.  An outstanding scientific program has been planned for ASV'12.


Keynote Lecture - Saturday, July 21, 6:30 PM, Ballrooms ABCD


Anthony A. James

University of California, Irvine; Genetic Engineering of Mosquitoes to Block Dengue Virus Transmission


Symposium I - Sunday: Host Restriction and Barriers to Viral Infection


Sara Sawyer

University of Texas at Austin

Susan R. Ross

University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Pietschmann


Sonja M. Best

Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIH

David M. Bisaro

Ohio State University



Symposium II - Monday: Virus-Host Immune Interplay


John van der Oost

Wageningen University, Netherlands

Michael R. Strand

University of Georgia

Erica Ollmann Saphire

The Scripps Research Institute

Stanley M. Lemon

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Symposium III - Tuesday: Virus Entry, Assembly, and Events In-between


Carolyn B. Coyne

University of Pittsburgh

Irvin S.Y. Chen

University of California, Los Angeles

Walter J. Atwood

Brown University

Sandra K. Weller

University of Connecticut Health Center

Peter E. Prevelige

University of Alabama at Birmingham



Symposium IV - Wednesday: Viral Gene Expression and Genome Replication: Structures and Mechanisms


Felicia Goodrum

University of Arizona

Sean P.J. Whelan

Harvard Medical School

John T. Patton

Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, NIH

Richard J. Kuhn

Purdue University

Paul G. Ahlquist

University of Wisconsin-Madison


"State-of-the Art Lectures"


What:  For each annual ASV Meeting, the Program Committee invites an outstanding panel of scientists to deliver review-type lectures on their work and their specific field in virology. These “state-of-the art” presentations typically initiate a specific workshop session during the meeting.


When:  Refer to the ASV’12 Program and Abstract Book (when available) for times and locations of these presentations, occurring from Saturday evening through Tuesday afternoon.


SOA for ASV'12:


Kartik Chandran

Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Filovirus entry: a series of unfortunate events (in endosomes)


Mark R. Denison

Vanderbilt University; Coronavirus regulation of replication fidelity:implications for replication and pathogenesis


Britt Glaunsinger

University of California, Berkeley; Viral effectors of global mRNA decay


Robert F. Kalejta

University of Wisconsin-Madison; Modulation of host cell functions by human cytomegalovirus


Jean-Francois Laliberté

INRS-Institute Armand-Frappier; Alteration of the host cell secretory pathway and remodeling the endomembrane network during plant virus infection


Deborah Lenschow

Washington University; Regulation of the host antiviral response by ISG15


Alison McBride

NIAID, NIH; Hitchhiking on host chromatin: how papillomaviruses persist