Pre-Conference Workshop


Making (and Theorizing) the Early Medieval Book


Jonathan Wilcox A pre-conference Graduate Student Workshop on “Making (and Theorizing) the Early Medieval Book” will take place on Friday and Saturday, July 29–30, shortly before ISAS 2011 begins.

The co-directors of the workshop are Professor Jonathan Wilcox of the University of Iowa and Dr. Michelle P. Brown of the University of London. In addition, an experienced professional scribe, Cheryl Jacobsen of the University of Iowa Center for the Book, is providing hands-on instruction in calligraphy and in the craft of medieval book-making. The strong emphasis of the workshop is on the material turn in studying Anglo-Saxon manuscripts.



Michelle Brown Sixteen participants coming from six different countries of the world are enrolled. Current graduate students at or near the dissertation stage were given priority for admission. Students at an earlier stage of their graduate studies were also considered, as were recent PhDs (that is, persons who received the degree within the past two years). Participants in the workshop are receiving travel stipends of up to $500 for those traveling within the US and upwards of $1000 for those coming from overseas.  In addition, they will receive dorm-room accommodation for the duration of the workshop and the following conference.

Each participant will make a poster presentation at the conference, connecting the theme of the workshop with his or her individual research.

Funding for the workshop has been provided by the President of the University of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin Library, the University of Wisconsin Anonymous Fund, and the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists.

The sixteen participants are as follows:

William E. Bolton, Arizona State University

Peter D. Buchanan, University of Toronto, Canada

Julie Christenson, University of Missouri – Columbia

Ivana Dobcheva, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Leonie Mhari Dunlop, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Megan J. Hall, University of Notre Dame

Kate Fedewa, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Joshua Goldman, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Katherine Lynch (PhD UW – Madison, 2010), SUNY – Rockland

Nathan Mertes, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Leonard Neidorf, Harvard University

Christopher J. Monk, University of Manchester, UK

Peter Ramey, University of Missouri – Columbia

Maria José Sánchez de Nieva, University of Seville, Spain

Carla M. Thomas, New York University

Derek Updegraff, University of Missouri – Columbia