Art Exhibits at Extension Conference Centers


UW-Extension Conference Centers is a conferencing organization which has proudly offered our space to local artists for decades - at no charge and with no commissions - because we believe it enhances our facility and forges positive communal partnerships.


If you are interested in exhibiting your art at Extension Conference Centers, please review the Art Policy information below.


If you are interested in displaying photographic work at Lowell Center, please see our separate Lowell Center Photographic Exhibit Information Packet.


If you are interested in hosting an opening/closing exhibit reception, please contact the Event Planning and Sales office at 262-0881 to discuss timing and menu. For ease of planning, a variety of menu options have been put together for you.


Each month our halls populate with a new rotation of pieces from local artists, cooperatives and galleries.Themes have varied from Wisconsin history, human behavior, landscapes, pop art and the abstract.


In addition to temporary exhibits, Pyle Center and Lowell Center host a unique collection of permanently placed art, including the Wisconsin Sesquincentennial Portfolio assembled by Andrew Balkin.


The Wisconsin Sesquincentennial Portfolio is a collection of work by fifteen artists, chosen by reputation, artistic diversity and relation to the state, in celebration of Wisconsin's 150th year of Statehood. The result is a premiere collection of 15 etchings printed in a limited edition of 125.


You may view the Sesquincentennial Portfolio book here, or a smaller, low resolution version here.


In addition to the portfolio, the Conference Centers host many additional works from the likes of Tom Uttech, Sarah Aslakson and Ray Zovar, fine artists with strong Wisconsin ties.


The Conference Centers also exhibit many archival works and images with special permission from the Wisconsin Historical Society and UW-Madison Archives.


The Pyle Center is currently hosting the following exhibit: 


The Five Painters exhibit (first floor)

Exhibit: January and February


The Lowell Center is currently hosting the following exhibit: 


Still Life Images by Denise Isnor & Jennifer Bucheit
Exhibit: months of January and February


Extension Conference Centers Art Policy




ECC facilities are not art galleries. We work to balance the needs of our building users with this desire to open our space to art. The relationship with an artist or the display of artwork does not constitute sponsorship or endorsement by ECC. We reserve the right to discontinue our relationship with an artist and to relocate or discontinue the display of art within our facilities at any time, with or without notice, for any and all reasons.

ECC assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection or possible damage or theft of any item displayed. Display materials must be contained within the exhibit space and/or within the display case used. All items are displayed at the owner’s risk. ECC does not provide any insurance coverage for the artwork. The owner(s) of displayed art work agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the UW-Extension Conference Centers from any and all losses, claims or liability relating to their art.

ECC facilities must be left in the condition in which they were found before installation. The organization or individual making the reservation is responsible for any and all damages.


The best way to process your art exhibit request is through our Space Request Form. Please feel free to leave blank the areas that don't apply to your request, but if you are interested in having an opening reception, please note that on the form.

Additionally, you can also:

  • Call us by phone on the main line: 608-262-0881
  • Send an e-mail to (where one of our event specialists will receive it and review it)


  • Artists should familiarize themselves with the features and limitations of the exhibit space before submitting a reservation request. Please be aware that ECC exhibits are not formally staffed.
  • Exhibit display areas may be reserved for time periods ranging from two weeks to two months (usually one month), pending availability, which includes setup and take down times. The exhibit will be open and available for viewing during normal business hours as described below:
    • Pyle Center is open weekdays from 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and other times in the evenings or on weekends when the building has scheduled events. The building is closed on holidays.
    • Lowell Center is generally open to the public every day from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and is generally closed on holidays.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for installing and removing the exhibit at a time agreed upon in advance with the ECC Event Planning and Sales Office, so as not to disrupt planned conference center events.  It is strongly encouraged that art is hung and taken during during normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 7:45 - 4:30 p.m.
  • The Walker System for displaying art is in place at Pyle Center. No other methods may be used to display artwork without prior written approval from ECC management.
  • Artists are asked to remember that our buildings can get very busy, and our clients and staff must have safe and normal access to hallways during art installation. If installation becomes unsafe or disruptive to our building staff or users, management will ask you to stop the installation and finish at a later time. We will work with you to schedule a time that works for everyone.
  • Please plan your exhibit in advance. We recommend that you prepare flat artworks with appropriate hardware for hanging prior to arrival at the ECC facility. Exhibit a reasonable amount of artwork for the linear space available. Hang work at eye level. This is generally considered 58” – 62” on center of the artwork.
  • There are no storage spaces available at ECC. Crates, boxes, packing materials, etc., must be removed from the facility for the duration of the exhibit.
  • Displayed art work must be removed at the end of the assigned reservation period. ECC will dispose of materials left on the premises after the exhibit reservation has ended.
  • All sales must be arranged and processed by the exhibitor. Selling prices, names and phone numbers of exhibitors may be included with information on art work posted, but no auctioning or negotiations shall take place on ECC premises or by ECC personnel. The exhibit must remain intact during the scheduled display period.
  • Title signs/labels can be attached to the wall using “poster putty” (no tape, glue or other adhesives are allowed). Labels are the responsibility of the exhibitor, however they should adhere to a standard font and size format (approximately 2” x 3”), listing the following information:

Artwork Title

Name of Artist





    Other signs including the exhibit title, organization or credit information, educational and contact information, and artist’s statement(s) may vary in size and format but must receive prior approval from the ECC Event Planning and Sales Office before they are installed.
  • Price lists or other information may also be left at the Front Desk.
  • If you wish to host an opening reception, arrangements may be made through the Event Planning and Sales Office by calling (608) 262-0881. All events must abide to the terms outlined in the facility policy and use guidelines described on the ECC website at No outside food, drink or equipment is allowed in the facility.
  • Advertising, publicity, and invitations are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

For questions regarding ECC policies, please contact: 

Bill Mann, Director, Extension Conference Centers
Phone 1: 608-262-0912
Fax: 608-262-8516






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