The Pyle Center Meeting Spaces

Room Descriptions

For detailed descriptions, please click on the link connected to the specific room listed below.

Conference/Meeting Rooms

There are 14 conference rooms of various sizes and configurations in The Pyle Center. They include 111, 112, 205, 213, 217, 220, 225, 226, 305, 309, 313, 317, 320, 325, 326. Rooms 325 and 326 can be combined into one large meeting space. Specific features vary by room size. Furniture setup configurations are usually very flexible; however, a few rooms have permanent setups that can't be altered.


The Gale VandeBerg Auditorium/Room 121 has fixed seating for 95 participants and features a sloped floor and large stage area.

Distance Education Rooms

The Pyle Center offers ten distance education rooms: 227, 232, 235, 310, 312, 314, 315, 327, 332, 335, with room capacities ranging from 16-55. A wide variety of tools and technologies such as audioconferencing, webconferencing, videoconferencing, and webcasting are used to connect people in the room, across the campus, or around the world. Many rooms have curved/tiered-row seating. Rear-screen projectors provide large displays that can clearly be seen from any seat in the room. Participants can be given access to wired or wireless connections for their own laptops.

Active Learning Labs

ICS operates a variety of specialized spaces in The Pyle Center including rooms for distance learning, collaboration, and specialized digital editing and recording spaces.

Please consult with ICS event management to help you choose the spaces and services which best meet your program and meeting needs.

Dining Areas

Food and beverage service can be provided in many locations within The Pyle Center. The main dining room and south dining room located on the lower level are available at no charge. More often, meals, receptions, and other social gatherings are held in the three lounge and reception areas (see details below). Food service will also be available on the new roof-top terrace. For details, please contact our Catering Department.

Inspiration Room

We’ve converted Room 305 into a multipurpose area suitable for groups up to 15. It's outfitted with moveable, comfortable seating, and features ample wall space so users may use every wall for ideas and notes. The room was designed for you and your team to brainstorm (away from your busy office), gather for strategic planning, create, plan, interview or just talk.

Lounge and Reception Areas

The three lounge areas of The Pyle Center are frequently used for meals, receptions and other social gatherings. The Alumni Lounge has floor-to-ceiling 270-degree views of Lake Mendota and access to an outside veranda for picnics and cookouts. Both the AT&T Lounge and the Robert P. Lee Lounge have fireplaces and plenty of open space and additional access to an outdoor patio.

Rooftop Terrace

Our most recent expansion project is a 4,500 square foot rooftop terrace on the north tower of The Pyle Center. The Rooftop Terrace provides an ideal setting for casual interchanges and additional flexibility for program functions. With access to reception food and beverage services, it includes an outdoor garden area with tables and seating areas in a relaxed environment with panoramic views overlooking beautiful Lake Mendota.  This is a perfect place to have a reception before or after your program.

Private Mother's Room

A quiet Private Mother's Room especially created for use by nursing mothers is available on the third floor of The Pyle Center. A key to access this serene space can be obtained from the receptionist at the front desk. Refigerator space is also available upon request.

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