University of Wisconsin-Extension Conference Centers Pricing and Rates

Fiscal Year Rates Subject to Change

Rates for the UW-Extension Conference Centers are updated at the fiscal year, July 1 - June 30, and are subject to change when new price lists are implemented. 

Catering Rates

For information about catering rates and prices at the UW-Extension Conference Centers, please visit our catering webpage for our full price list.

Parking Rates

For information about parking rates and prices on the UW Campus, please visit our parking webpage for parking rates.

Audio Visual Rates

Audio Visual Services are provided by Instructional Communication Systems.  Please visit their full price list for more information on audio visual and technical support rates

Meeting Room Rates

Typically, meeting rooms can be scheduled at no charge. However, user fees do apply to the flipped classrooms, distance eduation rooms, lounges, and the Rooftop Terrace at Pyle Center, and in some cases where unusual or complicated set-ups are required.  Small groups or programs with restricted budgets may use the reception areas located on the second and third floor of the Pyle Center, the lower-level dining rooms in Pyle Center, and the lounges at Lowell Center at no charge—although a special event charge may be assessed in certain situations. Your Event Planner at ECC will be happy to discuss your options.

To guarantee a private dining or reception in one of the lounges, it must be contracted and a charge may be assessed.

A "function charge" is assessed when an event requires the space for typically less than four hours.  The four hours includes Customer Move-In, Setup, Event Hours, Event Tear Down, and Customer Move Out.  An "all day" charge is assessed when a group requires a space for longer than four hours and essentially takes the room into their possession for the majority of the day including: Customer Move-In, Setup, Event Hours, Event Tear Down, and Customer Move Out, and results in the Centers being unable to  reserve the space for any other groups that day. 

Usage charges for special purpose rooms:




2016-2017 Fiscal Year Rates

Rates for U.S. Government, State of Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin System partners *

 July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017
Alumni Lounge at Pyle Center: $350 per function or $500 all day
AT&T Lounge at Pyle Center: $300 per function or $400 all day
Robert P. Lee Lounge at Pyle Center: $300 per function or $400 all day
Patio Courtyard at the Pyle Center Rate of AT&T/Lee Lounge and $100 for the patio exclusively
Rooftop Terrace at Pyle Center: $400 per function + $100 Rain Backup (*see below)

Main Dining Room at Lowell Center:

Fees vary
Wisconsin Idea Room at Lowell Center: $125


Please note: Once contracted, payment of usage charges for lounges and the Rooftop Terrace are due in full including in the event of cancellation.

Note: At the discretion of Center Staff, If your group is assigned to one of the above lounge spaces for a lunch or break, there will be no charge assessed to the group.

Rooftop Terrace space requests require a $400.00 non-cancellable space rental fee.  A $100.00 rain back-up space for one of the lounges will guarantee your group an available lounge for your event.  If you chose not to pay the rain back up space fee, your group will be put in an available room that fits the size of your group, this may or may not be a lounge.   If you prefer to guarantee a specific lounge as your rain back up space, for example the Alumni Lounge, you would then pay the full lounge fee to assure you have that space reserved.   

Rooftop Terrace Event Rain-check Policy:  Even though we’d like to guarantee perfect weather, there are times when conditions beyond our control make it necessary to move an event indoors. But that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the opportunity to experience the Rooftop Terrace when the weather is beautiful. Should your event need to be relocated due to inclement weather, our rain check policy allows you to re-book another event on the Rooftop Terrace at no charge, given that it is held before the season ends the year following your original event.


* Non-Government/UW businesses, please fill out the space request form with dates, times, and meeting needs to get an accurate quote for booking your event.

Room Flip Fee

Meeting rooms are entitled to one set up per day per room.  However, when a group requests something drastically different from the “permanent standard”, or if a group makes a major mid-day change to room set-up (deamed "major" by the Center due to time, effort or labor)—a room flipping fee may be applied.  The fee for the labor for a mid-day room room flip is $100 per room.


Rates for Meeting Room Support Materials

One set up per day, tables, chairs, tack boards and filtered water are provided at no charge.  Additional items listed below, are charged on per room/per day basis:

  • Flip chart: $7 per day, or $15 per chart per event (see also special packages)
  • "Post-IT Note" flip chart: $15 per day, or $25 per chart per event
  • Poster boards 4' x 6 ': $30 per board per day
  • Floor podium: $25 per podium per day
  • Table lectern: $15 per lectern per day
  • Easel: $10 per easel per day
  • Portable Whiteboard: $25 per board per day
  • Registration table (for groups not using ECC Registration Services): $20 per table per day
  • Clothed and skirted speaker table: $20 per table per day
  • Exhibit/Display table: $20 per table per day
  • Sales table/Vendor tables/Selling fee: $50 per day (this includes any sales happening at the table including book sales)
  • Stage (includes stage skirt and stairs): $125
  • Pipe and Drape: $150
  • Dance Floor: $400
  • Photo copies via Guest Services at the Front Desk: $.10 - one per side
  • Audio Visual rates supported by UWEX Instructional Communication Systems (ICS)

If there are additional items you need for your event, please discuss these items with your event planner so services can be contracted or planned for.

Selling Items in the Centers

In lieu of a commission taken by Extension Conference Centers, there is a "Sales table/selling" fee of $50 for any sale of any item within the Centers.  This includes books by speakers, authors, exhibitor sales, vendor sales and the like.  If you do not use an actual table for sales, but are still selling items at the centers in other formats, there will be a $50 fee added to your invoice for the selling of items from within the centers.


Outside Vendor Charge

Extension Conference Centers may charge a $200 service fee for any event needing early access to the space (more than two (2) hours prior to the event start time) for things such as setup, decorations, vendor deliveries, or large scale event material setups.

Pyle Center Open Early or Staying Late Fees

In the event that your group will be in Pyle Center before 6:30 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m., a $100.00 per hour fee will be assessed to accommodate overtime expenses for staffing the building.

Event Planning Support Fee

ECC is excited to help support you with your event tasks.  If there are items that you need an extra set of hands to accomplish before your event, for example, stuffing folders for your attendees, please let us know and we can assist for an hourly rate of $30.00 per hour. Contact your event planner to see if we may be of service.

Professional Meeting Planning Services and Registration Services Rates

Services range from initial conceptualization through coordination and implementation of all matters including website design/management, budgeting, contracts, registrations, space rental, equipment, media services, travel & guest room arrangements, catering, printing, promotions, transportation, and more.  Fees vary for conference planning services depend on the size, nature, and duration of the event. For more information, please visit Conference, Meeting and Event (CME) Planning Services or Registration Services


Lodging Rates


Rates Effective November 28, 2016

Standard Room (weekday)

               One person occupancy: $105 per night

               Two person occupancy: $117 per night

Standard Room (weekend)

              One person occupancy: $130 per night

              Two person occupancy: $142 per night

Deluxe Room (weekday)

One person occupancy: $124 per night

Two person occupancy:$136 per night

Deluxe Room (weekend)

One person occupancy: $149 per night

Two person occupancy:$161 per night

University Rate
Lowell Center rates for University partners are:

One person occupancy: $105 per night

Two person occupancy: $117 per night



Those specifically qualified for the State Rate (State of Wisconsin agencies), please advise when making your reservations.

Note: Premium rates apply on weekends and during special events such as Commencement, UW Home Football weekends and more. Please check with Guest Services and Front Desk staff for rates and availability. Payment may be made in cash, personal check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Prices subject to change. For additional details, please visit Lodging Policies.

Parking for Lowell Center Overnight Guests:  On-site parking is available to overnight hotel guests (one space per room) in the Lowell Center ramp for $10 per day. Complimentary parking is also available at a nearby parking facility. Please indicate your parking preferences when you make your reservation. After you check-out, your vehicle may remain parked until 5 pm on the day of check-out.


Parking requests can be made at the time of reservation.


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